Bulgarian kaval player contributes to "Grammy"

"Dear  Nedyalko,

We are pleased and honoured to share with you all the  international recognition earned by the CD-book “Dinastia Borja”, which has been distinguished with the Grammy Award 2011 in the Best Small Ensemble Performance category. We are very happy to receive this prize, which is further recognition of the achievement of La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Hespèrion XXI of which you are all a fundamental part, and which encourages us to continue working on musical projects that serve as a vehicle for reflection and dialogue between cultures and bring us closer to a more human and sensitive world. We wish to express our sincere thanks for your collaboration and contribution to the project. Without your art and your commitment, none of this would have been possible. With all our warmest regard and friendship,

Montserrat Figueras & Jordi Savall"